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About LANG

The primary purpose of LANG is to establish linkage among members of the Language Departments to facilitate the integration of new and existing technologies into language teaching and learning at the University of Toronto, making extensive use of the state-of-the-art Multimedia Language Learning Centres. LANG provides a unique opportunity for language department representatives to meet together on a regular basis to discuss the most urgent issues in language pedagogy.

One of the primary objectives of LANG is to promote and develop, in collaboration with the Centre for Computing in the Humanities and Social Science, collaborative projects sponsored, at U of T, by the Provost, the Dean of Arts and Science and the Language departments, thus facilitating cost-effective resource sharing in its broadest sense.

LANG also recognizes the importance of balancing the needs of each language departments as well as addressing broader university, provincial and national needs in language learning and teaching. Thus LANG has developed “Campus-Based Projects” which address directly the Language Department Consortium needs at U of T and has provided support to Faculty for the development of curriculum and collaborative testing and learning environments as well as other long-term “National and International Projects” that explore the effects of networking technologies and media for distance communication on learning institutions. LANG is committed to bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application in the language classroom in its concern for innovation in language teaching, curriculum development, research, implementation and evaluation.

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